Chris O’Dowd is fast becoming one of the “BIG MEN” in Hollywood

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Ever since his stand out performance, in Bridesmaids, Chris O’Dowd has been in demand. In 2012, he will have 4 films released, including Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up spin off, This is Forty. Now that he has conquered the film world, he is trying his hand at American television.

His new sitcom, Big Men, has just received a script commitment from NBC. This means that they will pay for the project, even if it never gets made (although we’re all hoping it does get a pilot and then a subsequent series or more)!

There was fierce interest in this sitcom, with NBC involved in a bidding war with ABC, CBS, and Fox, before signing Chris and, his co-writers/co-producers, Joe Port and Joe Wiseman’s comedy Big Men.

According to Big Men “revolves around a group of men who meet at a weight loss clinic. O’Dowd will write the script based on his idea, with Port and Wiseman on board as showrunners. The three will executive produce with 3 Arts’ Dave Becky and Nick Frenkel for 20th Century Fox TV.”

While this is O’Dowd’s first venture into American TV, this isn’t his first attempt at writing. He recently created and co-wrote Moone Boy, a 6 part comedy series for Sky TV, inspired by his childhood in Boyle, .

O’Dowd is also writing a feature film with his brother John entitled The Adventures of Super Frank.

It’s great to see a talented and genuine nice guy doing so well!

Check out O’Dowd in a clip from Bridesmaids:

That’s Entertainment!
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