“Jason Bourne is the tip of the iceberg!” “Who the hell is Cross? He is an outcome agent” And that is how the link between the original Bourne films and The Bourne Legacy is made.

In The Bourne Legacy, we learn that Jason Bourne is not the only agent who has super human abilities, there are many agents like him out on the field trying to stop evil from happening, including Adam Cross (Jeremy Renner). However, when Bourne’s actions at the end of the last Bourne movie, brought this program to the public’s attention he jeopardised it, and all involved.

Matt Damon is in no way affiliated to this film, however his character Jason Bourne pops up a few times, as the wanted fugitive. He is the reason why the goverment program needs to be closed down. The Goverment is desperate to get rid of all of the agents and any of the doctors who were linked to this program.

The problem is they can’t get rid of Adam Cross and Dr Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz). These two have forged an alliance to help save themselves.

Tony Gilroy, the writer of the previous 3 Bourne films returns to not only write this film but also direct it. He tries to draw tenious links between the films. With photos of Jason Bourne and news stories appearing, and 3 characters from the previous films briefly appearing in this one.

This film takes a while to warm up. It took a good 30 minutes to fully understand what is happening and then another 30 minutes after that for the action to really kick off.

When the action does kick in the scenes are fun, bold and sometimes breathtaking. There are many motorcycle stunts and lots of jumping from rooftops.

Jeremy Renner is superb as Adam Cross, however he wasn’t given too much to work with – just lots of action scenes and scrapes to get out of, while trying to protect Dr. … That said Rachel Weisz does hold her own.

It was unfortunate that Edward Norton was underused. Mainly getting anxious in offices while watching surveillance footage (which was both impressive and scary to think that there is so much surveillance out there) and screaming instructions.

The Bourne Legacy isn’t a bad movie. It’s just that it feels like a filler film. I feel that the next one will be the one that everyone wants to make (and see). This was the one that was used as the explanation for why there is no longer a Bourne in the Bourne films. Another deseves to me made if only to allow Renner the opportunity to make this role his own and shine as the newest spy/action hero.

That’s Entertainment!
Sarina 🙂

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