Dakota Fanning stars as 17-year-old Tessa. She has been diagnosed with incurable leukemia. Instead of prolonging her life with chemotherapy, she has decided to stop the chemotherapy and live the remainder of her life to the fullest, cramming in as much as possible into what time she has left. Tessa wants to experience losing her virginity, breaking the law, taking drugs and more. However, she never imagined her last months would also include falling in love with the boy next door (Jeremy Irvine).

There is nothing new about Now Is Good. You know what is going to happen but you still get drawn in. That is all down to the cast, especially Fanning and Irvine. This is a tragic story and they would have been forgiven for overplaying the tears and drama, however they did not. They were very understated in their performances. It felt so organic and you couldn’t but help be drawn into what each of them were feeling. Olivia Williams and Paddy Considine, who play Tessa’s parents, followed suit with their performances.

Now Is Good uses all the usual tricks, such as the corny music, some predictable lines, and the inevitable painful close ups of the characters suffering,  to get the audience to cry. The problem is that even though, as an audience member, you are aware of this, you can’t help but fall for it. Before you know it you are a blubbering mess – no matter how much you insist you won’t be!

I lay the blame with the fabulous Paddy Considine. The minute he loses it with his dying daughter, so will you. This is the point of no return, especially since at this point, Fanning and Irvine also start to pull on your heartstrings.

One of the criticisms I have about Now Is Good is that even though the subject matter is quite depressing, usually in a film like this there is some uplifting, grab life by the horns, message. However this film did not. It just made you feel down.

Now Is Good isn’t one for those of you looking for a bit of laughter. Although. If you feel that you need a good cry, then go along to this, as ‘ugly crying’ is guaranteed!

Now Is Good is in cinemas now.

That’s Entertainment!
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