Movie Review: FUN SIZE

It’s Halloween – the night that everyone in Cleveland loves, as “it’s the time you can pretend to be someone else.” However, when you have a “crazy family” thanks to a mum (Chelsea Handler) who has gone off the rails after the death of her husband/your father, and a ‘whacky’ little brother Albert, it’s hard to escape being you.

After getting an invite to the most sought after Halloween party in school, Wren (Victoria Justice) thinks this is going to be the best Halloween ever. However, thanks to Albert going missing while trick or treating, she may never make it there. Halloween becomes less about partying and more about finding Albert and getting him home before her partying, ‘cougar’ mother finds out.

I know this film is not aimed at my demographic (even though teen films are one of my guilty pleasures) – it is clearly one for the tweens/teens, however, not even they will enjoy it.

Fun Size tries far too hard to be a cool film however there are far too many clichés, overexagerated, cringeworthy, and creepy moments to make this an enjoyable film.

The filmmakers tried to appeal to adults by casting Chelsea Handler as the children’s mother, and Johnny Knoxville as a creepy thug, and it does work to an extent. But that doesn’t last too long as very quickly, and throughout the entire film, you will find you will be asking yourself, “Why Chelsea, why?!” and “Johnny, you’re freaking me out!”

The only redeeming feature about Fun Size are the leads, Victoria Justice and Jane Levy (best friend April). They put in good performances, and are likeable, but even for all of their trying, they can’t save this film.

Films like Fun Size really make me miss John Hughes even more than usual. No-one can fill his gaping hole and this film has made it glaringly obvious. Don’t be decieved by the title, Fun Size is anything but fun!

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Sarina 🙂

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