Golden Globes 2014 – The Winners Are …

Pashing Bono. Relationship jabs at George Clooney and Leonardo Di Caprio. Jennifer Lawrence as Amy Poehler. Poking fun at all of Hollywood, including themselves – “We’re hosting for a 2nd time because this is Hollywood & if people like something they keep doing it until people hate it!” With lots of laughs and witty and intelligent jokes – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did not disappoint as 2nd time Golden Globes hosts!

The pair kept the (long) awards ceremony moving swiftly and created the mood for a fun, don’t take yourself too seriously, awards ceremony.

Check out their hilarious opening monologue.

There weren’t too many surprises last night, with Breaking Bad winning awards for both Best TV Drama and Best Actor for Bryan Cranston, and American Hustle winning the most awards in the Motion Picture category (with the love for Jennifer Lawrence continuing).

The biggest surprise was the highly claimed 12 Years A Slave and Gravity only walking away with 1 award each (but they were the big ones – Best Motion Picture Drama and Best Director).

The biggest surprise of all thought was that Bono gave all members of U2 mic time when they accepted their award for Best Song in a Motion Picture (Ordinary Love – Mandela: The Long Walk To Freedom)!

Tina Fey summed up the night and our hope for next year perfectly “Thank you everyone. This was a beautiful mess we hope to repeat!”

Below is the full list of winners and highlights from their acceptance speeches.

Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture – Jennifer Lawrence American Hustle
 “Years ago I watched a movie called I Heart Huckabees and I was totally awed and floored by this completely uncharted humour & so I googled who made it … & I just thought this is the most brilliant man in every single way, & to think that by some weird twist of fate that that’s the same man who made my career what it is is so weird & wonderful. Thank YOU!”

Best Supporting Actress in a Series/Mini Series or TV movie – Jacqueline Bisset, Dancing On The Edge
This was her 1st win from 5 nominations
“I think it was 47 years ago that the HFPA gave me a nom for most promising newcomer. Thanks very much! … I want to thank the people who have given me joy & to the people who have given me shit, I say, like my mother, go to hell and don’t come back!”

Best Mini Series or TV Movie Behind The Candlelabra
Although this was released in cinemas everywhere else in the world, in the US it was made by, and aired on HBO, so it is out of the running for movie awards.

Best Actress TV Movie or Mini Series Elizabeth Moss Top Of The Lake  
First win – nominated twice this year.
“Oh Shit – I didn’t expect this to happen and I am totally shaking like Jennifer Lawrence said!”

Best Actor TV Series Drama – Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad
1st win from 5 nominations (4th consecutive nomination for role of Walter White)
“This is such a lovely way to say godbye to the show that meant so much to me. I was always so very grateful that the show resonated with American audiences but now through this and the HFPA everyone around the world will be able to share in Breaking Bad’s mirth & merriment. I’m up here because of Vince Gilligan – he’s a genius and the cast I work with. Thank you so much to a very courageous AMC network for putting this on.”

Best TV Series Drama Breaking Bad
“I got to say the best thing about this is that it gives us 1 more chance to thank the fans of the show especially the early adopters. I’ll let Aaron Paul sum this up for us … “-Vince Gilligan

Aaron Paul: “Yeah Bitch!”

Original Score Motion Picture – Alex Ebert All Is Lost

Best Song Motion Picture – Ordinary Love U2 Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Larry Mullen Jr – “Not only South Africa, but thanks to Mandela, the course of history in our country -Holy Catholic Ireland -was changed forever.”

Best Supporting Actor TV Series/MiniSeries/Movie Jon Voight Ray Donovan
“I’m as nervous as everybody else! What happened!”

Best Actress in Motion Picture Comedy or Musical – Amy Adams American Hustle
“It’s my 15 year anniversary of moving out to LA, thinking like, I don’t know,maybe I’ll get a commercial or something and I walked into Stacey O’Neil’s office & she sent me on my 1st audition, & I still ask her, what made you pick me. She said she had a feeling. I just want to thank her for that feeling and for sharing so many more feelings … (as the music starts playing) You are not going to play me out when I’m talking about my daughter! To my daughter Aviana whose not old enough to understand this I love you so much. Thank you for teaching me to accept joy & to let go of fear.”

Best Actress TV Series – Drama – Robin Wright House of Cards
“Thankyou Fincher for convincing me to do this. He said you can create her. Let her come out of marble if u want… Kevin you are the best play date ever!”

Best Supporting Actor Motion Picture – Jared Leto Dallas Buyers Club
“I didn’t make a film for 6 years. I was pursuing other dreams. It’s more than an honour to come back and have this love and support. I never expected it. I never even dreamt of it!”

Best Original Screenplay Motion Picture Spike Jonze Her

Best Actor TV Series Musical or Comedy – Andy Samberg Brooklyn Nine-Nine
“I didn’t prepare anything. It wasn’t going to happen! I guess I’ll just thank everyone”

Best Foreign Film La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) Italy
“Thank you to Italy. That’s a crazy country – but beautiful!”

Best Actor in a Mini-Series or TV Movie – Michael Douglas Behind The Candlelabra
4th win from 11 nominations
“45 years ago I used to think of the Foreign press as my aunts and uncles and now they’re my nieces and  nephews… 1999 I was making Traffic with Steven Sodebergh & one day we were doing a scene & I saw him looking pensive at me & he said, “you ever thought of Liberace?” I said, “No Steve, I really haven’t.” Now the paranoid actor I was I thought I was mincing a little bit in the part I was doing. But low and behold 10 years later I get this incredible gift!”

“To Matt Damon, the greatest actor I have ever worked with. And the only reason you are not here is because i had more sequins OK!”

Best Animated Feature Film Frozen 

Best Actress TV Comedy – Amy Poehler Parks and Recreation
1st win from 3 nominations.
“I never win so I can’t believe I won!”

Tina Fey’s reaction: “Congratulations to my great friend Amy Poehler. I love you and there’s a special place in hell for you!”

Cecil B DeMille Award: Woody Allen
Diane Keaton accepted on his behalf.

“179 of the world’s most captavating women have been in Woody’s films and that’s because they wanted to. They wanted to because Woody’s women can’t be compartmentalized. They’ve struggled, they loved, they fall apart, they dominate, they’re funny, they’re flawed. They are the hallmark of Woody’s work. But what’s even more remarkable is that there is absolutely nothing that links these unforgettable characters that they came from the mind of the mind of Woody Allen!”

“Here’s what Woody said “1 of the nice things about writing or any art is if the thing’s real it just kind of lives. All of the success over it or the rejection – none of that really matters because in the end the thing will survive or not survive on its merits immortality via art is no big deal. Francois Truffaut died. His films live on but that’s not much help to Francois Truffaut. As I have said many times, rather than live on in the hearts and minds of my fellow man, I would rather live on in my apartment!”

“It kind of breaks my heart to think that I have known Woody for such a long time (45 years) but it also fills me with pride & affection & even love. If Woody saw this he would say get the hook and get her off the god damn stage. But I don’t really care because my response to Woody is this – Make New Friends, but keep the old. One is Silver and the other is gold …..”

Best Director, Motion Picture – Alfonso Cuaron Gravity
I’m lucky, because of my thick accent they (cast) do what they think I said not what I actually said! Sandra you are the most amazing collaborator. I want to thank you for not quitting when you thought I said I was going to give you herpes, when I really said I was going to give you an earpiece!”

Best TV Series Comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Best Actor Motion Picture Comedy or Musical – Leonardo Di Caprio Wolf of Wall Street
inally some love for Leo!
“1st of things to the HFPA, I would never have guessed that I would have won for best actor in a comedy! Congratulations to my fellow comedians here tonight, Christian Bale, the great Joaquin Phoenix, Oscar Isaac and if any young actor wants to follow the filmography of a great artist, take a look at Bruce Dern’s work!”

“First and foremost I have to thank the great Mr Martin Scorsese. Thanks for letting me stalk you to make this movie. I grew up in a generation of actors who revered your work. You influenced everybody in this room. You’re not only an incredible visionary but you put the very fabric of our culture up on our screen. And you are a risk taker and as the history of cinema unfolds you will be regarded as one of the greatest artists of our time! Thank you for your mentorship and for encouraging me to take a risk on this movie.”

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy American Hustle
“One of the benefits of the motion picture business is that we get to make films about people. My producers and I, we had the privilidge of telling this particular story – about the art of survival, about resillience & about re-invention.”

Best Actress in A Motion Picture – Drama – Cate Blanchett Blue Jasmine
“Well that crept up.A few vodkas under my belt & now here we go… I went to the magical castle with my kids this morn& thought that was weird!”

“I always wondered can people at home hear this music or think that you are suddenly getting faster bc you’re having a panic attack?!”

Best Actor in A Motion Picture Drama – Matthew McConaughey Dallas Buyers Club
“Unexpected but graciously accepted! This story was an underdog. It was turned down 86 times! I’m so glad it got passed on so many times or it wouldn’t have come to me … At a time like this it makes me want to say thank you to my mother, for a real reason. We were growing up, we weren’t movie kids, we weren’t TV kids, we weren’t even media kids. If it was daylight you had to be outside playing. We’d go why mum? Why can’t we just watch 30mins of TV? She goes don’t watch somebody on TV do it for you, you get out there and do it for yourself. Now, all this many years later I’m thinking  that’s a pretty good recipe for an actor.”

“This film was never about dying, it was about living. With that I say, just keep!”

Best Motion Picture Drama 12 Years A Slave
Steve McQueen – High praise for all his cast and – “I want to thank my wife Bianca for finding the book …. and Brad Pitt, without you sir this movie would never have been made”

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