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Interview: Alex Kurtzman (“The Mummy”)

Alex Kurtzman directs the latest incarnation of the monster movie, “The Mummy”. How did he feel taking on such an iconic film? “My first thought was excitement and my second thought was fear – just at the task of living … Continue reading

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Latest Trailer for MAN OF STEEL

I’m not usually a fan of reboots, remakes or reimaginings – or whatever you want to call them. When I heard that Warner Bros was going to reboot Superman I was very dubious. Why? Who could superpass Christopher Reeve as the Man … Continue reading

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Before They Were Stars – A Trip Through Summer Bay & Ramsay Street

  Melissa George may not want to talk about her time on Home and Away but there are many who don’t mind acknowledging where they got their start. Melissa isn’t the first soap star to go from the Bay or … Continue reading

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  Universal pictures has released the trailer for the film adaptation of Victor Hugo’s popular novel, and hugely successful stage show, Les Misérables. Directed by The King’s Speech’s Tom Hooper, Les Miserables features an all star cast, including Hugh Jackman, Russell Crow, Anne … Continue reading

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