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Chris Walley, Alex Murphy & Hilary Rose Talk The Young Offenders Season 2

Jock and Conor are back for another season of The Young Offenders. I caught up with the lads behind the Cork boys we’ve all come to love, Chris Walley, Alex Murphy, and their “mum” Hilary Rose. We spoke about the … Continue reading

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Interview: Chris Walley & Alex Murphy

The Young Offenders is a hilarious Irish film in cinemas now (you can read my review here). I sat down with the stars of the film, Chris Walley and Alex Murphy, to talk about why they’re shocked that their movie was … Continue reading

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Review: The Young Offenders

Imagine this, €440million worth of cocaine washes up on the West Cork coast. The Guards swoop in and get all the bales of cocaine bar one. One that’s forever lost – or that’s what the Guards think. When Jock (Chris … Continue reading

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Interview: Peter Foott, PJ Gallagher & Hilary Rose (THE YOUNG OFFENDERS)

Peter Foott has written and directed one of the funniest comedies you will see all year, “The Young Offenders”. I caught up with Peter and two of the stars of the film, Hilary Rose & PJ Gallagher, to talk bad … Continue reading

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