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TV’s Biggest Question Will Be Answered in 2014 – How Ted Met The Mother Of His Children!

CBS has announced  that it will renew How I Met Your Mother for a ninth, and final, season. So finally, in 2014, one of the biggest TV questions is  going to be answered! How did Ted (Josh Radner) meet the mother of his … Continue reading

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THE MUPPETS Sequel Has A Title And A Couple of New Pics

“Its time to play the music; Its time to light the lights; Its time to meet the muppets on the … Muppet Movie Sequel!” We all know that the sequel to 2011’s successful The Muppets movie is currently filming in London but … Continue reading

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Stars celebrate as the ENTOURAGE film is Green-Lit

Ever since the final episode of Entourage aired in the summer of 2011, there’s been plenty of talk of an Entourage movie. At the season finale launch, Executive Producer Mark Wahlberg promised fans that this was not the last we’d see of … Continue reading

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Happy Australia Day: 5 Fun Aussie Cinematic Gems

Australia has a rich film industry (and by rich I don’t mean cash – I mean creativity) which has given the world of cinema many gems. What Australian film does well, is that it can be funny, while poignant/sad, and … Continue reading

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Ita Buttrose named 2013 Australian of The Year

Ita Buttrose has been named 2013 Australian of the Year. Ita is only the 10th woman to receive this honour, since this very first honour was handed out in 1960! The last woman to do so, was Fiona Wood in 2005. … Continue reading

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Academy Awards Countdown Goes ‘PSYCHO’

The countdown to the 85th Academy Awards is well and truly on, with ABC (the American network televising the show) releasing a ‘Psycho’ themed Oscar commercial – starring host, Seth MacFarlane. The Academy Awards will be coming to a TV … Continue reading

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Interview: Kate Beckinsale (TOTAL RECALL)

Total Recall was recently released on DVD. Late last year Kate Beckinsale attended the Total Recall Irish Premiere, at the Savoy in Dublin. While she was in town I sat down with Kate to talk about taking direction from her husband (Len Wiseman), … Continue reading

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