FRIGHT NIGHT is bringing vampire back. Forget Team Jacob & Team Edward – I’m Team Jerry!

I am new to Fright Night. Actually I am new to the whole horror genre. It’s a genre, that generally isn’t for me. I don’t get enjoyment from being scared. I usually can’t sleep for days after seeing a horror film, and I’m still jumping at shadows weeks later. So when it was announced that Fright Night was being made, I didn’t really care as I had no intention of ever seeing this film. When I found out that I did in fact have to see it, I wasn’t happy. I was dragged kicking and screaming to the cinema. I may have been dragged kicking and screaming but I left the cinema laughing and squealing!

Fright Night brings Vampire back in a big way! In the words of the geeky Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) “this vampire is not broody or lovesick or noble, like the Twilight ones, this is more like the shark from Jaws, he kills, he feeds and he doesn’t stop until everyone around him is dead!”

The Vampire in question is Jerry (Colin Farrell). Jerry has moved in next door to Charlie (Anton Yelchin) and his mum (Toni Collette). All seems good, until people mysteriously start disappearing in the neighbourhood. Charlie’s ex-best friend, Ed, is convinced that it is all at the hands of  Jerry the Vampire! Charlie thinks his friend is crazy, but changes his mind when Ed goes missing. With the help of the mad illusionist Peter Vincent (David Tennant), Charlie has to kill Jerry in order to save Ed, his mum and his girlfriend, Amy (Imogen Poots).

Director Craig Gillespie’s casting of Colin Farrell as Jerry is inspiring! We all knew that Farrell could do drama and comedy but I was very doubtful he could do a kick ass vampire. I was wrong! He is spectacular in the role of this blood thirsty, killing machine! Forget about Team Jacob and Team Edward, I’m Team Jerry! Colin Farrell is bringing real vampire back.

Farrell has a great cast backing him up. This film could have been quite camp/vampy but the acting by the cast, and the direction from Craig Gillespie, saves it from that. They make it an enjoyable, edge of your seat ride that you are happy to take with them.

If I was to have one complaint, it would be that this film is in 3D. There really is no need for 3D! Except for a few pebbles and blood coming out at the audience, the 3D adds nothing to the picture, except make some of the scenes darker than required.

I am hapy to say that I am now the one dragging people to see Fright Night. It is a fun night at the cinema. I laughed, I jumped and I squirmed – all in a good way. I would never have thought that I would say this but, I would rate Fright Night in my top films of 2011!

That’s Entertainment!
Sarina 🙂

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