Movie Review: “A Wrinkle In Time”

Dear Ava,

After watching “A Wrinkle In Time”, your beautiful “love letter to young people”, I felt compelled to send you a thank you letter (Yes I know, I am no longer a young person but I wanted to let you know that your love letter to young people speaks to people of all ages).

Thank you for making my heart burst with joy and sing.

Thank you for making a film that shouts that each and every person is valuable, difference is good and that they are enough.  “Do  you realise how many events and choices had to occur in the universes leading to the making of you. Just exactly the way you are?”  (Mrs. Which to Meg)

Thank  you for pushing us outside of our comfort zones and for pushing yourself – thank you for having the courage to make this film.  “We can’t take credit for our talents. It’s what we do with them.” (Mrs. Whatsit) What you did with your talent in this film is wonderful. I am not denying there were some flaws but even a gorgeous diamond has its flaws and that’s not reason enough not to enjoy the sparkle or its beauty.

Thank you for allowing us to feel the fear but also encouraging us to do something “It’s OK to fear the answers but you can’t avoid them” (Happy Medium)

Thank you for reawakening and re-igniting the light in my heart that should be ablaze in all of our hearts. Thank you for inspiring me.

To paraphrase one of the lines from the film, “All of those willing to face the darkness and bring the best of themselves to the light for the world, they are Warriors on Earth” You Ms Ava DuVernay are a Warrior. Thank you so much for shining brightly, never dulling your sparkle and encouraging all of us to do the same. There can never be too much sparkle/light in this world and together, with love, courage, and hope we can overcome the darkness.

In gratitude, love and light,

** “A Wrinkle In Time” is in Irish cinemas on Friday 23rd March.

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