2012 Golden Globe Awards – The Winners & The Highlights

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In the lead up to the Golden Globes there was more talk about Ricky Gervais than there was about the nominees. In years gone by there’d be plenty of speculation over who would walk away with the awards, whereas this year the speculation was about who Gervais would offend this year and would this year be the year he would be blacklisted from Hollywood. Gervais even alluded to this in his opening paragraph, “The Hollywood Foreign Press have warned me that if I insult any of you, any of them, or offend the viewers, or cause any controversy whatsoever, they’ll definitely invite me back next year as well”

Unfortunately it was all hype. Gervais seemed pretty subdued and played it safe. There were a couple of over the top remarks (Jodie Foster was the target of one of them) but for the most part there was no controversy, ir even fun.

It’s ironic to think that due to the lack of controversy he probably won’t be invited back to host next year. Although I’d say that Gervais wouldn’t be phased in the slightest. Maybe this was his grand plan after all? Take the money and run Ricky!

But the Golden Globes weren’t all about Ricky Gervais, they were about the winners. The big winners of the night were The Artist, and The Descendants in the film categories and Homeland and Modern Family in the TV categories.

There weren’t too many surprises this year with many of the predicted winners walking away with the awards, including The Artist winning most categories it was nomintated in; Meryl Streep winning for Iron Lady, George Clooney getting a Globe for his part in The Descendants and Claire Danes winning for her role in the TV Drama Homeland (which also took out best TV Drama)

The big surprise of the night was Madonna winning a Stauette for co-writing Masterpiece (a song featured in her new film W./E). This was the weakest song of the lot. I don’t think Sir Elton John was happy.

The stand out winner for me was Octavia Spencer. She was genuinely shocked and very happy to win Best Supporting Actress in a Drama (Film), Only last year, she was sitting at home, with her friends, running a pool on who would win the awards. Her speech, where she referenced Martin Luther King was inspiring.

There were a few other touching speeches on the night. Michelle Williams’ tribute to her daughter was beautiful; George Clooney combined genuine praise (touching on Brad Pitt;s humanitarian efforts) and comedy (taking particular pleasure in Michael Fassbender’s abilities); and Morgan Freeman, who was awarded the Cecil B De Mille, summed up his career and gratitude nicely,

Below is the full list of winners and highlights from their speeches:

Best Supporting Actor (Motion Picture) – Christopher Plummer BEGINNERS
“I must praise my distinguished competitors for whom I have the most greatest admiration & to whom I apologise profusely and I want to salute my partner Ewan, that wiley Scott, Ewan, my heart’s in the highlands, McGregor. That scene stealing swine!” …And lastly a fair lady called Elaine, my wife of 43 years, whose bravery and beauty haunts me still!”

Best Actress Comedy or Musical (TV): Laura Dern ENLIGHTENED
This is Dern’s 3rd Golden Globe win in 5 nominations. She was also former Golden Globe Girl.

“Thanks to everyone in this category who inspires bravery and humour in the most unlikely places. Thanks Sandra Seacat, Frank Capra, Lucille Ball, everybody whose ever inspired any of us and all of those whistle blowers out there, thank you bless you, Amy couldn’t exist without you. So thank you. Thank you!”

Best Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television – DOWNTOWN ABBEY
“How fabulous this is. The whole adventure has been an extraordinary one. Like spotting a promising child & waking up to find they’ve won the Olympics and thats what we’ve lived through!” Julian Fellowes (Producer)

Best Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries – Kate Winslet MILDRED PIERCE
This is Winslet’s 3rd win in 8 nominations

“I want to thank the HFPA for giving me this award and putting me in a category with such incredible heavyweight actresses who I feel honoured to stand alongside … and I share this with my beautiful children Mia and Joe who light up my life everyday & I am so proud to be their mum.”

Best Actor TV Series Drama: Kelsey Grammer BOSS
This is Grammer’s 3rd win in 9 nominations

“Ah this is so nice! I’m very very pleased about this, thank you. And I’d just like to thank my wife Kate for the future and what an amazing year it’s been! Thank you so much”

Best TV Series Drama: HOMELAND
“I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be standing here on behalf of all of the talented people who help to make this show what it is…Our extraordinary cast led by the incadescent Claire Danes and the irrepresible Damian Lewis …” (Producer)

Best Original Score (Motion Picture): Ludovic Bource THE ARTIST
“I’m sorry, I’m French-too much emotion for me tonight! I’m better with music than words.Right now if I was to write a song it would be a tap dance number. So the power of the music is that it is universal.”

Best Original Song “Masterpiece” Madonna,Julie Frost,Jimmy Harry, W./E
This is Madonna’s 2nd win from 9 nominations

“Hi. This is a surprise. Um… Um .. (lost for words) I’m not French I have no excuse… I must thank my manager Guy who harangued me to write a song for the film. I said ‘Please Guy I am trying to focus on being a director and I want people to pay attention to the film and I don’t have time. But then I finished on the film and started working on my album and miraculously the song emerged.”

Best Actor in a mini-series or TV movie: Idris Elba LUTHER
“This is for the fans. I just want to say to the fans, I have the most loyal fans in the world and I thank you all over the world and I appreciate it”

Best Actress In a Comedy or Musical: Michelle Williams MY WEEK WITH MARILYN
“I consider myself a mother first and an actress second. And to the person that I most want to thank is my daughter, my little girl ,who bravery and exhuberance is the example I take with me in my work and in my life. And I want to say thank you for sending me off to my job everyday with a hug and a kiss. I couldn’t have done it otherwise, and making me so excited to come home every night, and for suffering through 6 months of bedtime stories where all the princesses were read aloud in a Marilyn Monroe sounding voice”

“Thanks to the HFPA for putting in my hands the same award that Marilyn Monroe won over 50 years ago. I’m honoured.”

Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series: Peter Dinklage – Game of Thrones
“I was talking to my mother in Jersey before I came out and she said have you seen Mildred Pierce? Guy Pearce is so good, he’s going to win! … I haven’t seen it but I’m sure it’s really good. I just love our mums because they keep us humble

Best Animated Feature Film: TIN TIN
“I’d like to thank 2 studios who really prove the adage that Peter Jackson & I could make the telephone book if we wanted to, because Sony & Paramount gave us a chance to turn this wonderful series of 80 year old books into a motion picture” Stephen Spielberg

Best Screenplay Motion Picture: Woody Allen MIDNIGHT IN PARIS
Woody Allen was not present to accept his award

Best Actress TV Series, Mini Series or TV Movie: Jessica Lange AMERICAN HORROR STORY
“More than anything I want to thank the writers, because I find it more and more rare, or rarer, every year to find a piece of work that is really, really beautifully written and gives you something to do, and it was certainly this!”

Best Foreign Language Film: A SEPARATION (Iran)
“When I was coming up on the stage I was thinking what should I say here. Should I say something about my mother, my father, my kind wife, my daughters, my dear friends, my crew.. but now I just prefer to say something about my people. I think they are truly loving people.”

Best Actress TV Drama: Claire Danes HOMELAND
This is Danes’ 3rd win and 3rd nomination.

“I first won this award when I was 15, for My So Called Life, and I was utterly stunned & overwhelmed, as one is, and the first thing I did when I got off stage is burst into tears as I felt like I’d forgotten to thank my parents. I brought my mum with me tonight, Carla. I am just so lucky to have another opportunity to let them know how deeply grateful I am for their love and encouragement and any fulfillment I have as a person and an actor I owe in large part to you, so thank you… Thank you to my husband, Hugh Dancy who keeps me sane and happy when I play someone who is not so sane and happy… This part is so exquisite and so divine!”

Best Actor in A TV Series Comedy or Musical: Matt Le Blanc EPISODES
This is LeBlanc’s first win after 4 nominations

“Thanks to my mum who’s always been behind me 100%. Oh, I’m so nervous! Thanks to the writers. they write a Matt Le Blanc who is far more interesting and fun than me… I wish I was him”

Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Octavia Spencer THE HELP
“This is seriously nuts. Seriously! With regards to Domestics in this country, now and then, I think Dr King said it best “All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance” and I thank you for recognising that with our film .. .I’m just trembling here – I am going to fall off these high heeled shoes …”

Cecil B De Mille Lifetime Achievement Award: Morgan Freeman
“Mr Poitier, being up here and receiving this award, this tribute that you yourself received, getting it from you, this makes it clear to me that though they know this the Cecil B De Mille award, in my house this will be known as the Sidney Poitier award.

Now I am going to try and get this said in a very short time. In my movie career I have had to save the world, solve some crimes, commit some crimes, drive Miss Daisy, be Nelson Mandela, play the President of the United States and even God. Looking at all those clips I’ve been struck by two things. I have had to play with people I really admire and how much fun I’ve been having. It’s been said that if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. Well if that’s the case then for the past 45 years or so I have never had to work because my passion in life has always been acting. There’ve been 58 men and women before me who have received the DeMille award, people like Gregory Peck, Clint Eastwood, Sofia Loren, Henry Fonda, Mr Poitier, so I am truly truly honoured that you consider me worthy in being in that company.“

Best Director Motion Picture: Martin Scorsese HUGO
“My love to my wife Helen because we have a 12 year old daughter Francesca, and when she was 10 she read a beautiful book Hugo, and she said to me, ‘read this book and why don’t you make a film that our daughter can see for once!’ So we did and I gotta thank her, and I gotta thank Francesca.”

Best TV Series Comedy or Musical MODERN FAMILY
“Buenos Noches. Gracias Antonio! Gracias Slama! This being an International Award we are going to accept it in 2 languages!” Sofia Vergara was brilliantly over the top!

Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical: Jean Dujardin THE ARTIST
“I think all of us at one time get a no. When I was first starting out an agent once said to me you are too expressive, too big. That’s not my fault my eyebrows are independent. Seriously, I have always followed my instinct to fight for my dreams. So I want to thank.. … him for letting me prove him wrong”

Fittingly Dujardin ended with a slent, over the top Douglas Fairbanks gesture.

Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama: Meryl Streep THE IRON LADY
“I mean this is such a thrill but really really embarassing in a year that saw so many extraordinary performances by woman in leading roles. Any one of these performances in any given year would have been a standout. But the fact that they all came this year is really really good news for all of us because some times it seems that serious challenging weird movies are like exotic birds, rare & extinct but every year someone picks them up.”

Best film Musical Comedy; THE ARTIST
Beautiful tribute from the Producer to his Oscar winning Father who wasn’t able to pick up his award in 1965
Director – Just two words “Thank You”

Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama: George Clooney THE DESCENDANTS
“It’s a funny thing about evenings like this, you get to catch up with old friends and see people you haven’t seen in a long time. I wanted to say it’s nice to see Brad and its nice to be able to tell him not just what wonderful work his doing in two film this year but, what wonderful work he does in the rest of the world to the rest of the people. I’m a fan. You also get to meet a lot of other young actors. I’d like to thank Michael Fassbender for taking over the frontal nudity responsibility I had, Really Michael you can play golf with your hands behind your back – go for it man – do it!”

Best Motion Picture Drama THE DESCENDANTS
“Thanks to the HFPA for this award and for throwing a good dinner party. We had an extraordinary ensemble cast .. of veterans and newcomers, but our quarterback was George Clooney,. But aside from giving a career best performance in my mind, he was a generous actor who helped everybody do their very best so thanks George!”

Below is Ricky Gervais’ opening monologue:

Just because the Golden Globes are over, it doesn’t mean award season is. It’s just warming up. Still to come is the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards and it will all culminate with the biggest award of them all, The Academy Award.

That’s Entertainment!
Sarina 🙂

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